Though/Just because you are away from your ‘Smart Space’ at a particular moment, it does not mean that you should be prevented to react to an emergency situation or event.

Through the SPC platform your ‘Smart Space’ will inform you when it ‘feels’ that something unusual or dangerous is happening: a sudden change in the temperature will alert you for a possible fire, the activation of the motion sensor will alert you for burglary… You will be able to receive, analyze and take respective actions wherever you are!

In SPC you have the freedom to define unlimited number of notifications (alarms) of your devices- thermometers, ‘day/night’ sensors, fire detector, high energy consumption, open doors, date and hour, etc.

That way you can always be informed what is happening in your Smart Space, even when you are away from it.
The alerts can be set up to reach multiple recipients simultaneously. You can also choose the type of notification – E-mail or SMS.

The ‘Macros’ function available in SPC allows you to define extremely complex conditions and dependency between every single device in the system, and when these conditions are fulfilled you receive an alert.

Example: Notice to multiple recipients (SMS, e-mail)

* he shown prices are exemplary. You can see the actual prices in the price list for alerts.

To see examples of using the Alerting function click here!


Working with Spc

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