Automation: (for more information go to Wikipedia)

Automation is controlling appliances (home appliances and manufactory appliances, etc.) on a preliminarily set conditions and/or schedules made by you.
The controlled devices can be connected with events, motion sensors, remote control and others.

In SPC you achieve that entirely through the function ‘Macros’ where you define the conditions (combination of time and/or information from your devices) at the beginning of which the series of actions that you have set (script) will begin. This script itself could contain conditions for the state of the devices or time according to which the actions set out in a manner that you chose.

A few examples of automation:


  • Control over your heating system - according to schedule and/or the weather. A fundamental way to decrease your heating bills.
  • Closing windows blinds depending on the sun or the time of the day


  • The watering of the garden in your home or crops in a plant-growing farm could occur according to schedule or the information for the soil moisture.

Scheduled work

  • You can automatically start the charging of electric appliances (computers, telephones), electric vehicles and others when the lower-cost tariff of your supplier comes on.
  • You can turn off the devices that are not necessary during the night but are on Stand-By (however this regime still consumes energy) - TV, audio system, house router, etc.

Measuring energy consumption

  • Devices measuring electricity, water, gas, etc. could become intergraded with your Smart Space with the purpose of reading them. The analysis of the data will allow you to optimize your expenses and you could receive a notification when the consummation of energy is increasing.


  • Security for people or property through the alarms of motion detectors, fire detectors, humidity, etc.


  • The audio system could be activated if there is a presence detected.


  • In case of disability and dependence the everyday tasks/chores could considerably be facilitated with the automatic execution of the task through a single pressing of the remote control

....and other countless possibilities!


Working with Spc

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