Baby Room:

Maintaining an optimal temperature and humidity in your baby’s room is a guarantee for its untroubled sleep and healthy growth. Either one of the two parameters could be controlled by your ‘Smart Space Baby Room’.

Example with ‘Wireless thermometer and plug’


The thermometer measures the current temperature and humidity and periodically sends the information to our platform. There a condition is preset that when the temperature and the humidity fall out of the desired values the heater is turned on (through the wireless plug). When the normal values are restored the heater turns off.


The baby is peacefully sleeping because the temperature in the room is optimal which calms his running nose. And mum….she is sleeping peacefully too.

1. How much it will cost you the realization of this example?

  • Thermometer = 10 Euros
  • Wireless plug = 8 Euros

Total sum for the devices: 18 euros Vat Included.

2. Cost of the Smart Power Control services:

If you do not have ‘Smart Space Bridge

  • Smart Space Bridge = 59.99 Euros
  • Licenses SPC = 0 Euros (you have 3 licenses for the devices included in the cost).

If you already have ‘Smart Space Bridge’

  • 2 licenses for the devices = 18.98 Euros per year



Working with Spc

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