Garden/Open spaces

One of the most common tasks is the activation of the lighting and the automation of the irrigation system. Both tasks are easily resolved into your ‘Smart Space’.

We will give you a few examples that implement these tasks independently or together. For them you will need ‘Sensor Day/Night’ device and one or two wireless contact (list of compatible devices).

Example A: At the moment it gets dark the detector ‘Day/Night’ generate a signal to the SPC that it is already dark. The receiving of this information enables the displayed macros that ‘says’ to ‘Lamp Garden’ to turn on.

Example B: Let’s add turning on of the irrigation system but with a 5 minute delay after the lights are on, so if you are in the garden at that moment you will have time to move away. The irrigation will continue for 20 minutes and after that is automatically turned off.

Example C: You can make a hour schedule for watering


Working with Spc

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