Smart Space Bridge (SSB)

To take advantage of automation at an affordable price and our services first of all you should connect the space you wish to control with our platform.
The main function of Smart Space Bridge is to create a bridge between your space and our platform through internet. Smart Space Bridge transfers input and output information from the devices that are available in your space to our platform.

Installation of Smart Space Bridge.

  1. Plug the networking cable from the set into the Smart Space Bridge and your wireless router.
  2. Place the supply adaptor in the electrical outlet and connect it with the respective socket of the Smart Space Bridge.

Welcome to the world of Smart Power Control!  Now you have complete control over your “Smart Space”.

Wireless (or Marmitek X10) devices: (all devices here).

The already installed SSB can communicate with vast variety of wireless devices that generally we could divide into two categories: Transmitters and Receivers.          

Transmitters: Devices that send data
                       (Periodically or under your influence) 

  • Thermometers: periodically send data about temperature and humidity
  • Metering devices: register electricity, water, gas etc. metering devices with
    remote transfer pulse output.
  • Switches: send a command to turn on/off the device
  • Detectors: motion, fire alarm, day and night (lighting control)
  • etc.                        


Receivers: Devices that respond to commands that are sent to them

  • Electrical outlets: turn on/off the electricity users
  • Light bulb sockets: turn on/off  the inserted lamp
  • Electric window blinds: open/close the blinds
  • Radiator valves: automatically control heat generation until the desired temperature
    is reached
  • etc...

Every one of these devices that are available in your Smart Space could be controlled by our platform.

The data from the transmitting devices goes into the SPC system and as a result of the processing opportunities /due to the automatic tasks functions where the user assigns the tasks beforehand it becomes possible for SPC to create a series of actions that are sent back to the receiving devices.

As the described devices “communicate” through radio frequency that saves you:

  • Installation expenses
  • No wiring
  • Freedom to move every device
  • No need of a technician  (available to anyone)
  • No other technical expenses

SPC Platform

Smart Power Control platform gives unlimited intelligence to your devices which allows you to control them wisely, to save energy and money.

In order for your wishes and ideas about your “Smart Space” to be accomplished it is not necessary to install additional software on your computer, telephone or tablet computer. Everything you need is available in your users account on SPC website. No more problems with the compatibility of the operating system, the hardware, etc.!

SPC analyses and preserves EVERY SINGLE data that is received and sent towards the platform. As a result of that you can check WHEN and WHAT happened and WHO caused it through the reporting function at all times (for example whether the lamp was turned on manually through your phone or it happened because outside became dark).

Here are few examples of automation that you can easily perform through SPC:

Няколко примера за автоматизация, която можете лесно да реализирате чрез SPC:

  • You go on a vacation: SPC stimulates your presence through turning on/off  the lighting
  • It is getting dark outside: SPC turns on the garden illumination
  • Motion sensor: SPC turns on the lighting in a certain place and automatically turns it off after some time
  • It starts to rain: SPC closes the blinds and covers the swimming pool
  • It is 7.30am: During the weekends SPC turns on your coffee maker but during the week  it doesn’t because you  drink coffee in your office
  • Etc.

This is how it looks an exemplary house in SPC with all the rooms and temperature in them

Here is a condition that is given a set of actions which are executed when the condition is fulfilled.

Description: in case the state of the entry door in one house is changed actions are carried out in another house that is 2500km away as well and a notification is sent:

  • If the door opens: we send a notice for opening and we turn on the lamp ‘lampe bureau’ in the other house
  • If the door closes: we sent notice for closing and we turn off the lamp ‘lampe bureau’ in other house

A graphic report on the heating and consumption of energy


Working with Spc

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