Example for using the ‘Time and attendance control’ for a law firm

Small and medium-sized law firms do not have systems for reporting of the work spent on a case which the large firms can afford. That way they cannot determine the exact amount of lost time or evaluate the accomplished work.

If a customer calls on the phone, he speaks with the lawyer about his case and is wasting the lawyer’s working time: the lawyer cannot report this moment and it becomes unpaid labor.

SPC has a solution to this problem which is really simple: the lawyer has in front of him a device for every customer/case which he just has to press when he starts work on a given case. When he finished work –he presses again and the time is reported on the SPC platform.

Now the problem with the invoicing of the exact amount of time is solved and that brings additional income, just like in the large law firms.


Cost of devices:

Virtual device: 0 Euros

Prices to SPC:

  • Smart Space Bridge= 59.99 Euros
  • SPC license= 0 Euros (3 licenses are included in SSB)



Working with Spc

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