The reading of the consumed or generated (solar panels, etc.) energy is done by modern electromechanical devices that accurately read your energy usage.

Usually these devices are periodically read and on the basis of the information the bill that you have to pay your energy supplier is estimated.


The real ‘power’ of these measuring devices is displayed only when we can how much energy we are using in real time.
Then the moments of waste or loss of energy is easily visible; you can determine which of your daily activities leads to the highest consumption of energy….

Since the modern measuring devices have standard output that generates electrical impulses which correspond to a preliminarily known amount of the measured quantity, we from SPC created a special product ‘UniBoard’ that allows you to read these devices and make them part of your ‘Smart Space’.

SPC allows you to write down the tariff of your supplier in the system so you would be able to see not only consumption/production of the energy itself (KW, mᵌ, etc.) but how much it costs in every given moment.

Sample report of the daily usage of electrical energy in KW

Sample report of the daily electrical energy consumption in leva.

Working with Spc

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