Example for using the ‘Time and attendance control’ for a housepainter

Let’s take for an example a company that offers painting services and has a staff of 10 people.

The owner of the company will inevitably have a problem with determining:

  • When exactly starts and finishes the working time
  • On which site is currently the employee
  • On what part of the site the employee is working

The reply of these questions is easily obtained after you put one SSB on each one of the sites you are currently working on.

When the employee arrives at the site he presses the button of his personal remote and the owner see in SPC where his employee is and that he starts work.

With the marking of the work process with different buttons for the different parts of the site, you will have access to information about who, when and on which part of the site is working.

Through SPC the owner receives the following information:

  • Start and end of the working time of the employee
  • The opportunity the wage to be paid according to the exact time that the employee has worked (see here)
  • The work location of every employee
  • Reports according to time, expenses based on the cost per hour, day, week, month, year for every employee
  • Data export in CSV/XLS which allows them to be used by book-keeping and salary account programs
  • Alerting if you decide that a rule that you have set is broke during the working time
  • No installation of specialized software is required


Cost of devices:

  • Keychain: 9.99 Euros per piece
  • Or virtual device: 0 Euros

Prices to SPC:

If you do not have SSB:

  • Smart Space Bridge: 59.99 Euros
  • 7 SPC licenses: 69.93 Euros/year (+3 licenses included in SSB cost)

The total amount for the ‘Time and attendance control’ service for 10 employees with keychains is 229.91Euros for one site or 129.92 Euros with virtual devices.

For each additional site you only have to add a SSB.

You get ‘Time and attendance control’ at a low price!!!





Цена на устройства:

  • Ключодържател: 9.99 евро/бр.
  • Или виртуален уред: 0 евро

Цена към Smart Power Control:

Ако не разполагате със SSB

  • Smart Space Bridge: 59.99 евро
  • 7 лиценза SPC: 69.93 евро/година (+3 лиценза, включени в цената на SSB).

Общо стойност за услугата "Контрол на работното време" за 10 служителя с ключодържатели: 229.91 евро за един обект или 129.92 евро с виртуални уреди.

За всеки следващ обект трябва само да се добави SSB.


Получавате "Контрол на работното време" на НИСКА ЦЕНА!!!


Working with Spc

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