Protection against Internet connection loss’ (loss of PING)

Everybody has come across a situation where the modem, the router, the switch or the server through which you receive Internet connection, at home or the office, blocks and you are left with no Internet. In cases like that the only practical solution is to restart the blocked device (by turning off and then turning on the power supply of the device). When you are there it is easy though annoying …but if there is no one that can do this action and you need constant connectivity?!?

In order to ease out of this situation we provide the ‘Loss of network access’ function that is built into your SSB device. It allows you to send a command to restart in the platform wireless device when is established that SSB cannot reach an Internet address (for this purpose the network command PING is used).

The function is working even if there is no connection between the SSB and the platform which allows it to be used as a guarantee for solid connection with the SSB. With this function you will forget that your modem/router does not work steadily.

The only thing is required of you is to edit a few perimeters:

  • Internet address that will always monitor if there is an Internet connection to it, for example
  • Time during which if there is no answer from the address, it will be decided that the connection has collapsed.
  • The device in your ‘Smart Space’ that is responsible for the power supply of your modem/router. Most commonly wireless outlet.
  • The condition that the device should be in and for how long to maintain that condition (ON/OFF); e.g.: ‘Turn off the outlet for 15 seconds and then turn it on again’.



Working with Spc

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