How to reduce energy expenses with ‘Smart’ radiators:

  • By using radio-controlled thermo valves for the radiators and the SPC platform with which you can manage and optimize them by zones, rooms, time or events.
  • You decide when and how much the different locations in your ‘Smart Space’ will be heated. For example, the nursery requires a higher temperature than the parents’ room.
  • Everything is performed automatically by the SPC after you have created your individual plan.

    This will reduce your heating bills from 10% to 25% without losing your comfort.

1. Schedule for managing thermo valves


Creating a personal heating plan is easy: according to your schedule by days, hours, holidays.

You can set the desired temperature for as many intervals of time as you need.

For example:

       00:00 to 06:00 = 18°
       06:00 to 22:00 = 22°
       22:00 to 24:00 = 18°


       00:00 to 20:00 = 16°
       20:00 to 24:00 = 18°

2. Templates for assigning the applied plans

Once you have created your schedules for maintaining the temperature, here you can ‘assign’ them on all valves available in your ‘Smart Space’.

You can prepare some combinations (templates) in advance and that way you could change the plans of all valves with only one click.

3. Change in the temperature caused by events

PC gives you an opportunity to analyze the events in a certain room so that the desired temperature for your comfort is reached but without excessive energy consumption.

Here are a couple of typical examples:

3.1. Somebody opens a window in the room

As the open window causes amplification of the radiators (due to the low temperature, the valves will increase the heat flow to the radiator) it is becoming a great waste of energy.

That’s why SPC will ‘close’ the valve until the window is open…and will save you money from the monthly bill!

3.2 ‘Presence’ in the room

The information from the motion sensor that there is a human in the room makes SPC to increase the radiator temperature. And vice versa: if there is no one in the room – the radiator is decreased.

Working with Spc

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