Automatic Shopping

Smart Power Control is one of the few companies that develop products in the field of automation. SPC created the unique service ‘Automatic Shopping’ in order to save you the boring process of planning and implementation the shopping for your home or office. Imagine as you throw the package of already used product in the trashcan, your preferred supplier (Carrefour, Metro, etc.) prepares and delivers the products that you need to the address you specified.  

With ‘Automatic Shopping’ you no longer waste hours of your free time just to manage this everyday problem. And all that with the help of ‘Smart Power Control’ platform that recognized the identification number of the product (barcode).

The advantages of ‘Automatic shopping’:

  • You will not forget any products
  • You do not waste time in making lists
  • You do not waste time in traffic jams, parking and you do not stand in line for the actual shopping
  • You reduce your bill as you are not tempted to by useless things just because the shiny packages on the shelves attract your attention

This memory goes into the history…

The service is free for the end user!
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Working with Spc

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