Smart Power Control Eood was established as we combined the years of experience and ‘know-how’ of two companies that are working in different fields. The integration of the experience of the two companies guarantees the successful implementation of a brand new sector.


For more than 20 years existence Neomontana Electronics achieved significant presence on the market of electronic giants. Over the last 10 year our activity is directed toward specialized electronic devices for the dynamically building local Ethernet networks. For them we created the emblematic product ‘TinyIP/PicoIP’ that continues to serve for monitoring and control of the networks.  Large companies like NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks)also  use PicoIP for resolving problems in the telecommunication.


One Bulgaria works in the field of communications since 1996, it creates and maintains its own products for VoIP, prepaid cards and billing systems. Its products are used by large operators that serve clients with huge amount of telephone conversations in India, Kuwait, USA and the Netherlands.

Working with Spc

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