What we offer:

Automation, Monitoring, Reporting and Statistics at AFFORDABLE PRICES for every operation performed in the space around you!
It will thus be converted into “Smart Space” that thinks” instead of you, sends you information and performs the tasks that you have assigned to it. You have an access to it at all times via Web site, Smartphone, Tablet and Television.

The consumption of electric energy, water, gas, etc. is being reported in the “Smart Space” which gives you the opportunity to optimize your expenses as you completely control the energy-consuming devices.

Why “Smart Space” and not “Smart Home”?

The term “Smart Space” has become known for the different opportunities that it offers about energy efficiency, measuring, statistics, security, comfort and other enticing prospects for improvement of our way of living and working.

We from SPC regard the term “Smart Home” as a quite limited one for the conception that we have created. Therefore we took the liberty to introduce the term “Smart Space” where you have full control over the system by uniting electronic and communication innovations. Contemporary means for automation and measuring of luminosity, temperature, heating systems, doors/windows, etc. and the vast variety of offered functions could be applied not only to your home but also to everything that surrounds you by uniting them in one “Smart Space”.

“Smart Space” includes:

Enclosed spaces:

  • Offices
  • Business centers
  • Residential districts
  • Storehouses
  • Shops
  • Factories
  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Etc.

Open spaces:

  • Your garden
  • Public parks
  • Water parks
  • Etc. 

Affordable price?


Our system is compatible with low cost wireless devices that are designed for manual control. Without making any changes on them you can put them under SPC control and they start performing intelligent tasks
Under SPC control they start performing intelligent tasks without making any changes on them such as automation, metering, monitoring and reporting.

These low budget devices (from 10 to 40lv per device) are available under different brands (but usually made by the same manufactories) in retailers as Metro, Carrefour, Bricolage, etc.

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Working with Spc

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