The organizations and companies that have a large number of staff are required to use time and attendance systems, receiving detailed information about the working hours and their distribution based on the people, departments, days of the week, etc. Furthermore this functionality is used for making a record of the time the employees spend on each project and by that facilitating its valuation afterwards.

The investment in such systems is not cheap but it is easily justified because of the large number of human resources. For small and medium-sized companies, however, this investment is too large and they often prefer to save it.

There are a few small and medium-sized companies that realized that with the help of ‘Time and attendance control’ they receive a great advantage over the huge organizations because it gives them the opportunity to evaluate:

  • The total working hours of the staff
  • The time needed for implementation of a project
  • The quality of the execution
  • The budget for the execution
  • The effective working hours of the employees
  • The place where the employee executed the project
  • The time and budget for new project in advance

Here is a small example of the loss that can be brought by non-compliance with the working hours:

The working time is from 9:00am to 13:00pm and from 14:00pm to 18:00pm.
The situation where your employee starts work at 9:06 and stops at 12:56 then comes back to work at 14:04 and finishes work at 17:57 is very real.

But these are 17 minutes for a day that you lose and in one month there are +/- 22 work days and the lost time becomes 6 hours and 14 minutes.

This is approximately 1 work day. Now multiply 6:14minutes by 20 Euros (gross pay for an hour) =124.67 Euros which is the amount your company loses every month because of this one employee.

How much employees do you have in your company? Decide for yourself!

In order to actualize the ‘Time and attendance control’ in SPC you do not need specialized servers or expensive software to collect the information- the only thing you need is the SSB and the whole information is already available on the platform. This saves you expenses, leads to drastic reduction of the costs of the entire solution and it becomes available for everyone.

Standard ‘Time and attendance control’ systems have different ways of reporting: with cards, chips, personal codes, etc... that by no means give 100% guarantee for correct reporting, actually there is no system that can guarantee 100% accuracy of the data. With that in mind we in SPC use the compatible transmitter devices.

Furthermore, there is no limited number of SSB installed in the system which means that you can exercise control from random places- even from different cities and countries.

That way with much less investment and no limitation in the scale, you resolve the problems with the determination of the:

  • The total working hours of your staff
  • The role each employee had in different projects
  • The place where the employee implement the project
  • The time needed for completing the whole project
  • Planning the time for the implementation of a new project


The SPC ‘Time and attendance control’ is a Web-based solution which gives many advantages to companies of all sizes.

You will not have:


  • Installation expenses
  • To buy software
  • Problems with software compatibility
  • Servers
  • Maintenance


And when we add the Automation/Reporting functions to these advantages, additionally you achieve:

  • Higher percent of information accuracy, for example through turning on the devices at the work place only if the employee logged in
  • Energy savings
  • Alerting if an employee is ‘absent’
  • Data export in csv and xls (excel) at all times (for integration with other programs)

Here it is how it looks the form for setting the wage of the employee Peter from 40lv/hour


This report shows how much the employee earn for a particular period of time

See two concrete examples for using the system: Example ‘Lawyer’/ Example ‘House-painter

Working with Spc

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