In order to create your dream ‘Smart Space’ you need only a few things:

  1. Wireless devices or ‘Marmitek’ X10 devices (the communication is done through the conductors of the electrical network)

Our system is compatible with cheap wireless devices that are designed for manual control with no intelligence. Their converting to ‘Smart’ devices through the SPC services for automation, monitoring and reporting is entirely based to the concept ‘plug and play’.

  • You do not make any changes on the devices
  • You do not need special skills
  • No need for installing additional cables

These low- budget devices (form 10 to 40lv per device) are available under different brands (but made by the same manufacturers) in retailers as Metro, Carrefour, Bricolage, etc. For more information click here.

  • ATI Remote Wonder
  • ByeByeStandBy
  • Chacon
  • Coco
  • Cresta weather sensors
  • DI.O
  • Digimax
  • Domia Lite
  • Düwi
  • Elro
  • HomeEasy
  • Intertechno
  • KlikAanKlikUit
  • La Crosse weather sensors
  • LightwaveRF Siemens (lighting & power)
  • Marmitek
  • NEXA
  • Oregon Scientific
  • Owl
  • Proove
  • TFA weather sensors
  • Upm
  • Xdom
  • etc…

Smart Power Control is by no means bound by the manufacturers (dealers) thus retaining neutral position that gives you the freedom to choose which brands compatible devices to use.
Here in Smart Power Control we created several specialized devices intended for the occasions where the already described low budged devices are not suitable. That concerns mainly tasks such as managing heating systems, automatic shopping system, alarm systems, etc. For more information click here.

  1. Smart Space Bridge (SSB) (learn more)(close)

SSB is a device developed by Smart Power Control with the important task to create an internet connection between ‘Smart Power Control Platform’ and the devices installed in your ‘Smart Space’. The whole set of management, measuring and reporting services of the existing devices goes through that ‘bridge’.

  1. Subscription (learn more)(close)

Smart Power Control receives fees periodically for the offered services ONLY after there are devices added to your user’s account.
You receive FREE subscription to 3 devices with the purchase of each SSB. They are not charged additionally in order to be managed by Smart Power Control.
Try it out! You are under no obligation toward us!

  1. Internet connection (learn more)(close)

In order for SSB to be able to receive and send data to the SPC platform it should be connected to the internet.



Working with Spc

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